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Hello, I hope that I am okay asking this question in this forum but I currently have a AMD X2 5600+ 4GB ddr2 800 9800GT EE 430watt thermaltake hsf, I just barely purchased this stuff for very cheap and I can run crysis decently but now I am craving a faster build by mabey getting another 9800GT, would it be good for me to get a new motherboard that supports SLI and my current X2 5600 so all i would need is a power supply and another 9800GT or would it be a waste and instead get a new motherboard cpu and psu and 9800GT, I would really like to put what I have right now in use, I just dont want to make a stupid decision, all I am trying to do is get 1 more 9800GT and new psu and motherboard for as cheap as possible, I hope this makes sense lol. If not don't get mad


9800GT EE, inspiron 531s motherboard, 5600+ brisbane 4x1gb ddr2 (motherboard only supports up to 1gb so I am running quad channel 4x1gb
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  1. To be honest, you'd probably be better off selling the 9800GT and buying a 5 series card from ATI.

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