Is my power supply good enough for an energy efficient 9800 gt

My power supply is a Lite-on 300-watt with 20A on 12v rails. I just ordered a energy efficient 9800gt (no extra 6-pin power required) but now I am having second thoughts on whether it will power it safely. I ran a power supply calculator and it said I need a minimum of 220 watts to run my system.

My specs:
Acer m5700 desktop prebuilt
Core 2 quad q8300 (95 watt)
2 sticks of ddr2 2gb ram (total 4gb)
1 seagate 7200rpm 750gb hd
1 dvd/cd writer
2 usb power (keyboard and mouse)
1 cpu fan
1 card reader

Lite-on power supply specs:
DC output: (+5v - 20A max) (-12v - 0.5A max) (+12v1 - 10A max)
[+5v(SB) - 2A max] (+3.3v - 20A max) (+12v2 - 13A max)

Combined power on +3.3 and +5v not exceed 130 watts.
Combined power on +12v1 and +12v2 rails not exceed 20A.
At ambient 25 degrees celsius: Total output power should not exceed 300 watts.
At ambient 50 degrees celsius: Total output power should not exceed 270 watts.

I really don't want to spend the extra money on a power supply but I guess I will if I have to.

Anybody else running a green 9800 gt with low power supply for a long time?

Do you guys think this power supply will be strong enough? What exactly is the risk if it is not strong enough, will my power supply just die or will it take my whole system?

Any advice is welcome, thanks.
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  1. Your PSU is fine. The 9800GT Green Edition performs equal to a 9600GT and without any 6 pin PCIe connectors, only draws 75watts from the mobo itself.
  2. I hope you are right and my psu is enough.

    Do you think I run any risk of damaging any other components besides the power supply?
  3. Damn, i asked this question on a different forum and everybody seems to think my power supply will be overloaded.
  4. No other thoughts? I'm on the edge of buying an ocz modxstream 500 watt psu to be safe, but don't want to buy if not needed.
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    You will be pushing that weak PSU pretty hard. Hard enough for it to prematurely fail based on your components.

    If your CPU was a Dual Core, then I'd say you would be okay.

    Most of the times when a PSU fails, the rest of the system should be fine. It's that "sometimes" you really need to be careful about.
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  7. Went with the ocz power supply to be safe. Installed both today and running fine.
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