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I'm getting ready to build a computer, and I've picked out the components after several days of being glued to the internet (reading, reading, reading, crying, reading, sleeping, reading...). I have chosen the M4N75TD, and the AMD Phenom II 1055T Six-Core CPU. I have based everything else on these choices, but my biggest concern is this: What cooling solution to use? At first I chose the Cooler Master V6GT, but after reading an installation guide (the most detailed I could find, anyway, since most guides are for Intel motherboard), it would seem this big square will cover at least one RAM slot. I cannot have this! So I looked up more cooling units, and ran into the Thermaltake Frio. Well, it's apparently easier to install, but still hovers over a RAM slot (they advice to use short RAM modules...). I've hit a wall, it seems.

I am wondering if anyone here owns this motherboard? If so, what cooling unit do you use? Does it cover any RAM slots? Was it a pain in the behind to install? I need help badly on this issue. I've been all over the place seeking advice, but haven't run into anyone who has this motherboard yet, so no one really knows what to tell me.
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    In general I like the Corsair H50 or H70; clean installation no concerns of covering anything and it's a all-in-on water cooling w/o the mess solution.
    H50 ($80 + 2nd fan) -
    H70 - ($110) -

    What other components have you selected? Someone should check your DDR {Certified/Tested} so you won't be posting back if something fails in the future.
  2. I don't know how comfortable I feel using a water cooling solution, since this will be my first (yep, my first) self-built PC. The reason I have chosen to do so, finally, is because I'm tired of shelling out over $1,000 for a computer that falls apart after 1-2 years. This didn't used to happen to me in the past, but I suppose the computer retail business is like the car retail business. If they sold us a car that would last forever, they wouldn't make much money, now, would they? And I believe, sort of, in the old saying, if you want something right, you've got to do it yourself. Yeah... I bet I'm still saying that after I fry this computer. :(

    Ah... well, the whole computer, I'll list it here. Mind you, my laptop is shutting itself off at random, so this may take me a while. It's already done it once. Thankfully, Firefox is good at remember what I have typed.

    Asus M4N75TD Motherboard w/ AMD Phenom II 1055T Processor

    Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Black Case

    Corsair HX850W 850w Modular Power Supply

    MSI N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5OC GeForce GTX 460 Video Card

    Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1333C8 XMS3 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 RAM

    Asus DRW-24B1ST 24X Internal DVD Burner

    Seagate ST31000528AS Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive - 1TB

    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64BIT Operating System Software

    Hopefully, this will be a BEAST... or at least a very mean one. It's gonna run me over 1,000 bucks.
  3. Installing the H50 or H70 is in fact easier than any of the fans you linked. Video -

    In addition, try and look for combo deals as before e.g. -

    Here's a short synopsis:
    1. OEM Processor = 1 Year vs 3 Year warranty
    2. The Corsair 750TX is fine for SLI; they are great PSUs {1 rail + Japanese Capacitors}; verify required @ configuration
    3. Look at the GTX 465 - negligible $ difference
    4. RAM {CMX4GX3M2A1333C8} compatibility problem {not QVL or Tested}.
    a. Certified - {Memory Support List}
    b. Tested Corsair -
    5. {research HHD Hybrid Hard Drives} -
    6. OS is OK

    Hope this Helps & Good Luck on the Build!!!

    It's is fun & you'll enjoy it and learn a bunch!
  4. I've heard very good things about G.Skill. They're not available on TigerDirect... hmph... I'm tempted to just get everything at NewEgg now.

    And you've never heard anything about a liquid cooling solution busting and leaking? The possibility scares me, I won't lie.

    *edit* I've asked this question before, and got two different answers... this mobo, for instance, has an nVidia onboard chipset and says it is "SLI Ready". But does that mean only nVidia video cards will work in it? And vice versa.. there's better Asus mobos, for instance, that have onboard ATI chipsets and say they're "Crossfire Ready"... but I prefer nVidia GPUs, always have.
  5. Your MOBO is only SLI and will not support crossfire. Some MOBO's suppot both CF & SLI. Always refer to the mfg's site -

    ATI = CF {now owned by AMD} and nVidia = SLI; both have their advantages and disadvantages. I use both.

    The memory Mfg's I like are {Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin, and Kingston}

    Regarding liquid cooling, in this case the Corsair H50/H70 are factory sealed - no liquid to add and the tubing is corrugated and vulcanized sealed - so put that concern in "file 13."
  6. That's what I thought about the motherboards... the motherboard in my list supports SLI, so that makes me happy. I've owned a few ATIs, but I was just never impressed with them. Regardless I've had the cooling fans fall out of both nVidia and ATI cards, but that was probably the manufacturer. I like MSI video cards (only their video cards) because of TwinFrozr, they seem to take their GPU cooling more seriously than others.

    Also... file 13? *googles file 13* Trash can, eh? Well nothing is full proof... but it's looking like it's either that, or a single-fan heatsink :(
  7. File 13 ~ put that concern away is what I meant.

    Also, a non-spec GPU {i.e. no shroud} - will cool the GPU better but will also heat the case better - so make certain you have good {negative pressure > CFM exhausted} airflow in & out of the case.
  8. I saw a video review of the HAF 932. Ain't no way that case won't have excellent airflow. :-D
  9. I'm trying to help someone who apparently doesn't have good/correct airflow {Northbridge NB} running hot. Most to the new cases are built with "mesh" so they help dissipate heat.

    I hope this all answered you questions!
  10. I'll be ordering the parts on Oct. 5th, probably. I'll be back to let ya know how it turned out. If no one hears from me, I died in a fire :-P
  11. Video game fire OK on the new rig.

    Good luck on your build! :)
  12. Thank you, I will need it LOL.
  13. Hey, just built a system with the same board and ram, and had a big problem with it, but I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it goes. Let me know what you had to do to get your ram working in dual channel mode with 1600 mhz speed.
  14. ^ @lordvr2409 - My best assumption is that you did not verify and purchase Certified <or> Tested RAM for the MOBO.
  15. In fact, the ram I purchased was on the qualified vendors list straight out of the motherboard manual.
  16. ^Start a new post.
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