Need some help about ran guys

hey guys need some help with abit of no how with my ram. i have Gskill ripjaws x DDR3 2133 it says the volts are 1.5/1.6 does this mean i can run at the 1.5? and if running at 1.5 would it give it more of a life span? (bit like a cpu) like i said just trying to get a understanding of it thats all.
another thing is timings..... now my timings are 11 11 11 30 am i right in saying that if i put timings down to say 9 9 9 28 it makes it faster? (if im wrong pls explain how)
any info on this pls as im a keen overclocker of cpus but if im honest ive never looked into ram and timings and before people start saying dont bother overclocking ram this isnt about overclocking ram i have no intention to.

cheers stew.
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  1. Interesting question:

    I have the exact same G-Skill memory but mine only shows 1.5v, my modules are some of the first released of that Ripjaws 2133mhz series.

    I have had no stability problems running mine at 2133mhz using 11-11-11-30 @ 1.5v all the way to a 50x multiplier on the Intel Sandy Bridge platform.

    With your AMD FX 8150 setup, if you're overclocking by raising the multiplier I suggest using the same memory settings as I am using, simply because you want your memory running as solid as possible when increasing the multiplier to overclock.
  2. ok kul cheers but so i no for intrest what is the difference with the 9-9-9-28 to a 11-11-11-30 does that make it faster? or is it just a bunch of numbers lol
  3. To run 9-9-9-28 at 2133mhz would require a voltage increase to 1.6v and yes it would be faster and may work just fine for your AMD setup, just try it and see what happens.

    If it remains stable keep the CAS 9 settings if it doesn't drop back to the 11-11-11-30 @ 1.5v.

    Stability usually is a direct relation to how high you're raising the multiplier but you may be well inside the range of being able to use the CAS 9 settings with your AMD.

    AMD is more forgiving with timing tightening at high multipliers than Intel is, so try it and see.
  4. ok tried and failed lol tried at different timings 10-10-10-30 as well but no luck. am i right in saying that if i had 2x4gb 1600mhz @ 9-9-9-24 is it better than the ram i have?
    just trying to get it right in my head thats all...
  5. Are you having problems running 2133mhz at 11-11-11-30 @ 1.5v?
  6. That memory should be able to run 9-9-9-24 @ 1600mhz @ 1.5v but why would you want to do that?

    Make sure you're running a 2T command rate especially with AMD.

    No offense but you're really over thinking this.

    When you are overclocking by raising the CPU multiplier your memory needs to be rock solid, (or bulletproof!),so use the most stable memory settings you have.

    As long as you can control the CPUs load heat from increasing the multiplier, rock solid memory will allow a higher multiplier to be used, meaning a higher CPU clock.

    Heat will always be your limiting factor, your load temperature will directly affect how high of an overclock you'll reach, and memory has very little performance to bring to the table at the speeds it's already running attempting to tighten those timings will surely increase instability.

    An unstable overclock is a worthless waste of time and effort.

  7. prob looking into it to much. i have no problem with how its running and u prob going to say if its not broke then leave it alone but just didnt no if it would run better at the lower timings rather than the high ones i have now but after reading what u have to say about it think it might be a waste of time been looking online about it all to and its pretty much the same answer. cheers for ya help dude
  8. Thanks! You've got a really nice setup by the way! Ryan
  9. cheers man got aload of money given to me and me mrs she learnt to drive and what can i say i wanted a new computer lol dream machine! got it stable at 4.6 now to forgot all aout changing me stats been looking into ways of better cooling and where my computers next to a window and its getting winter now and freezing out side thought about modding a dryer holes with some fans and sucking some cold air in from the front of the case. just wanna see how far this can go with freezing air
  10. Be careful of condensation if you do :)
    I'd say go for a real water loop as your next 'upgrade' in cooling though, that H70 isn't going to give you the best load temps
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