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I have an ATI 4850 card (10.1 driver) running windows 7 32x with 4g ram and an amd dual core(not sure which one) i have a 650w psu and my cpu temp at high demand is only 50ºc not sure on the gpu. 3x120mm fans.

I recently downloaded the BFBC2 beta, initially i was able to get all the way tothe map loading screen and watch it for a minute until the "grey/color stipes crash" would happen. I went back in and lowered the settings to low, which allowed me to play the game but after about 10-15 min the screen black out (not pc shut off). im thinking its an over heat thing but does anyone know for sure the issue? if it is over heating what is the best way to correct it?
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  1. raise your gpu fan speed on rivatuner,or maybe driver issues from ati with that game.
  2. Have you tried the hotfix for the broken 10.1 drivers?
  3. Also u might want to try the older drivers, the latest one is not always the best... :)
    My 4850 run on 9.7 and it works fine...
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