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Hell,I dropped my seagate hard drive to day.When I tried to plug it back in my computer It worked for a lilttle.I clicked on a movie.It said the file could not be played or opened.I went to music and experience the same thing.nOW WHEN o PLUG IT IN TO MY USB PORT ON THE COMPUTER tHE DRIVE IS NO REGISTERING.PLEASE HEPL ME WITH THIS PROBLEM.The light comes on and I can hear the motor when it is pluged in the usb port.It is just not registering on the computer.I have a lot of stuff on this thing.I am deployed,is there a store that fixes stuff like this?
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  1. It is likely the impact broke the circuit board inside the enclosure. It is also possible the impact caused the heads to "crash" and damaged the platters. Since you are deployed, it may difficult to order/receive parts. It might be cheaper and easier to get a new external drive, and look into repairing your current external when you get back - unless you have a "geek" with you. Thank you for your service. Be safe.
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