ZOTAC Geforce 8800 GT ARM, Overheats after 10 mintues

I have an OCed version of the 8800 GT by ZOTAC that I got from a friend and in my system the card overheats after running for 10 minutes. There was not any problem before. Questions:

1. Would putting a better heatsink/fan on it solve the problem?
2. Can I change the firmware to a stadard 8800 GT so it is not overclocked?
3. Or is this card fired and there is no hope?

Thanks for any input.
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  1. No one?
  2. After running a game, or just booting up on the computer?

    Is the card dusty?

    Try underclocking it, using RivaTuner. Simply drag down the Core, Memory, and Shader by about 25/40/15, respectively.
  3. after 10 mintues with Crysis at 1680, there is no dust
  4. If you are certain that the HSF is clean and on correctly and the paste is good then there is always the possibility that your friend had cooked the card by running it heavily OC'd and has fried the thing.
  5. have you check your idle and in game temperature? maybe you'll have to replace your thermal paste
  6. also YOUR case might not be setup correctly to handle increased temps from the OC card
  7. make sure that your case has enough air flow
    and also check if the thermal paste is dried up or not..
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