Msi X58 Pro-E bioschip

I've a MSI X58 Pro-E mobo with i7-950.
I recently got a new SSD and proceeded to replace the old HDD in the PC. The BIOS & Windows 7 installer failed to detect the SSD and believing it to be a BIOS problem, I did a moron-move and flashed my BIOS (successfully!) to a newer version (from A7522IMS.8C0 to A7522IMS.8D0). I backed up the old BIOS just in case.
Now my PC is a costly paperweight. No beep code. I dont think it is POST-ing either. I tried to recover the old BIOS by holding Ctrl+Home with a DVD containing the AMIBOOT.ROM(A7522IMS.8C0 renamed) file, but it did not work.
What are my options now?

1) RMA the mobo and get a new one? Will MSI do it even though it was my mistake.
2) Get a new/reprogram BIOSCHIP from a site like My doubt is how do i find what type of BIOCHIP this mobo has and whether the BIOSCHIP is soldered or socketed? The MSI website is terribly short on detailed information.
3) Is there any other method to restore the BIOS to an older working version?

Thank you,
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  1. Hi mrmathi and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    Flash the BIOS again.
  2. hi saint19,
    The BIOS is not even coming up. The display is blank, there is no beep that should come after the POST check. I don't think POST is happening at all.
    I think the BIOS is corrupted. How can I find out whether this is the case or not?

    Thank you,
  3. I thing that is a problem with a corrupt BIOS maybe MSI support can help u.
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