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I have bought two units of HP DVD1260. Installed in a single computer unit. In setup, obth ODDs are being detected (each are being showed as Primary Slave and Secondary Slave). However, when I've already started the OS,any of the ODDs are not showing in "My Computer" folder (Using Windows XP Prof x86 SP2). Now, when I checked in the Hardware list inside the "Device Manager" the ODD has a yellow exclamation alert beside it. Does this has something to do with the driver? Because If I disconnected any of the two ODDs and only using one of them, ODDs works fine but couldn't make this whenever both of them are enabled/connected at the same time. I tried checking all of the available USB connectors of my MoBo and all working fine. Please help. I've never been to this kind of problem before. Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. The exclamation mark is indicating something is wrong, right click it select properties and find out what. You might have to assign drive letters as well in disk management.
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