9800 gt still laggin

just go this, installed drivers, nvidia control panel set to performance, 3mg ram, 2,9 duel core amd, 650w antec.

warcraft runs fine except where i need it, in 25 man raids, then i get bogged to 12, 15 fps. clueless as to why. i have plenty of card, and plenty of juice. the 9800 does not connect to my psu in any way.

Do i need to disable my motherboard onboard video or somethign? I dont know what else to do on this one. Ill run over 100fps in an open area, 40 when the raid is not attacking but when spells fly, i get bogged. cant be the card, psu, has to be something else.
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  1. maybe warcraft gets plenty of traffic during those raids.
    that may be causing the lag from wow not your 9800's.
  2. many people face the same problem like yours and they can't find the root of the problem...
  3. Wow can be heavy on the page file especially when multyboxing which forced me to mod my drive (cooling for the controller) that helped reducing the lag. As for the gpu it is enough for wow even my x1900xt (512) does the job well. Also you need a dual core to push modern cards much less vintage cards from 2005 onwards.
  4. wa1 said:
    many people face the same problem like yours and they can't find the root of the problem...


    I've looked into many forums (including wow and toms) in the past looking at what causing lags of WoW. In theroy, any modern computer should obliterate WoW but even people with setup like the core i7 975 and GTX 295 in sli still lag just as much as your seeing.

    I'll quote my self from another thread that was asking the same thing.

    Anonymous said:
    In my personal option, i think it's WoW network, severs, or just bad programing as there are plenty of people with this problem that have far more powerful systems.

    As im reading in WoW forums like this thread, http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=16473762099&sid=1&pageNo=2

    Something tells me there some bad programing going on.
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