Dum driver

i just upgraded my system to an i3 530, intel H55HC board and 2gigs DDR3 1333 ram
i have an XFX 4890

whenever i play a game(any game, or do something that stresses the gpu) it freezes and nothing responds for like 5 seconds, then the screen goes blank and after unplugging the screen a few times, the picture goes to my desktop (in huge, discoloured font and terriblr picture) it displays a diologue box that says my video card driver has stopped working :fou: , i then reboot and it is fine again.

i had the CCC v9.4 and had the problems, then uninstalled (via add/remove programs and driver sweeper) and installed the latest ati driver- 10.0 or something and im still getting same results.

i thing the ati driver might be clashing with the onboard driver because i never had the problems with my old ECS board(which had no onboard display).
i cant find a place to disable the onboard gfx in the BIOS on my new board :(

i have also formatted my hard drive and still driver problem

any help would be much appreciated

thanks :hello:
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  1. Based on your info, I think your BIOS setting guide is here. Electronic page 6 shows the "Configuration>Video, choose Ext PCI Express Graphics.
  2. i have already done that and i'm still getting driver crashes. (with old and new drivers)
  3. Hey,

    I have an idea on what is causing your crashes, similar problem happened to a friend of mine. You have the Intel BLKDH55HC or BOXDH55HC motherboard right?

    If so, go into the bios, on the security tab there should be three options:
    Intel® Virtualization Technology

    Intel® VT for Directed I/O (VT-d)

    VT Technology or XD Technology or NX Technology or any combination of these

    if you have these options let me know and I can tell you what my friend did to fix the graphics issue!

    I hope I can help,

  4. yes, i do see those options

    how ever, i just installed win7 and everything is okay...

    but please do tell me what to do if this ever happens again

    thanks :)
  5. Good to hear!

    Well what my friend had to do is turn Virtualization Technology to DISABLED but keep VT-d ENABLED. He also disabled both XD and NX Technologies.

    Now, I have no idea what any of these is for, but after we spent hours in his bios playing with stuff this combination of settings fixed it, weird huh?

    Have fun
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