Is ATI killing FPS rates on each update?

I've been reading a lot about this lately. Eversince CCC 9.11 on each update I've been getting lower and lower FPS rates. I saw that a lot of people is having the same problem. What is ATI trying to do?? force everybody to buy their new generation cards? As I see 10 - 15% performance upgrade on 5000 series. Is really sad. I've used ATI since 2003 and never got dissapointed as Iam now. Just wanted to share it with you and wanna nknow how you feel about it.
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  1. You should read some of the older posts on Ati drivers mate, they only bring improvements and increase performance and get better as they mature, anything to the contrary is just rabid Nvida fanboi ranting. :whistle:
  2. I guess ATi are optimising their drivers for the 5xxx series.....All you can do is roll back to a driver that your satisfied with
  3. I have heard peeps complain about this.....and I have also heard peeps complain about same thing on nVidia cards last 3 rounds.....the 4th one or so back brought a like a 14% increase on some games and I guess peeps don't like giving up ground previously gained.

    It's the inevitable battle between stability and speed.....get to aggressive on the speed tweaks and then scale back when a certain % of users start to have problems.
  4. Wouldn't know, still running 9.8's here.

    Don't know why I haven't upgraded. Nothing in the release notes of interest I suppose and if it ain't broke...
  5. I guess I will go back to 9.11, after that my FPS started to go down... I hope they find a way to get real software upgrades for all of their products.. or maybe they should just stop supporting certain cards instead of making drivers that won't enhance either the performance or quality
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