XFX Double D 7950 fps problems and more...

My comp:
i5 3570k CPU at 4.0ghz
XFX Double D 7950
120gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD

I run everything maxed out on a 1080p monitor (2 more coming soon for eyefinity). (1) I sometimes see in world of tanks, a game i play, a prolonged drop to 20-30 fps on some maps but on others i get 70-110 fps. (2) Also in Blacklight Retribution i see things as i move toward and away from them a staticy looking rendering before my eyes.

Whats happening?

-Thanks in advance
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  1. Is your gpu overclocked?

    The static looking thing is probably tearing. Try enabling V sync. That should correct the tearing.
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