Overclocking help for I5 2500k Sandy Bridge

So I am trying my hand at overclocking, I am completely new to this. I installed a CoolerMaster 212 Plus, downloaded Prime95 and Speedfan, and am ready to go. However I am having trouble with the BIOS.

Basically the person who explained OC to me told me to set my "Turbo Core" to 42, and give that a try. However I can't seem to find an option in my BIOS called "Turbo Core". I think I have an older BIOS version, but here are my options in the Processor Overrides section, I bolded my current choices:

CPU Voltage Override Type: None/Static/Dynamic
Maximum Non-Turbo Ratio: 33
Processor Idle State: High Performance/Low Power
Intel Turbo Boost Technology: Disable/Enable
TDC Current Limit Override (Amps): 97
Burst Mode Power Limit (Watts): 118
Sustained Mode Time (Seconds): too many options to list, but currently set as '1'
Sustained Mode Power Limits (Watts): 95
IGD Current Limit (Amps): 32

Active Core-Based Ratio Limits: Disable/Enable
4-Core Ratio Limit: 34
3-Core Ratio Limit: 35
2-Core Ratio Limit: 36
1-Core Ratio Limit: 37

So which of these would I change to get the equivalent of setting "Turbo Core" to 42?
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  1. Set all of the Turbo "Ratio Limits" to 42.
  2. Turbo ratio limits? I only see Core Ratio limits and Non-Turbo Ratios?
  3. ComputerNoob79 said:
    ok done thank you. now once i'm in windows and looking around, how can i see whether it worked? where can i see what speed things are running at, so i can know that the overclocking is working?

    CPU-Z is one way. http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

    RealTemp will show you the speed, as well, along with the core temps. http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/

    It'll still idle at 1.6Ghz (assuming SpeedStep is still enabled), so you either need to stress test it with a program like Prime 95 http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft/ (which you should do, anyway, to test for stability), or set the Power Plan to High Performance (Control Panel -> Power Options).

    High Performance will lock in max speed, regardless of load.
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