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Overclocking help for I5 2500k Sandy Bridge

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November 17, 2012 12:47:25 AM

So I am trying my hand at overclocking, I am completely new to this. I installed a CoolerMaster 212 Plus, downloaded Prime95 and Speedfan, and am ready to go. However I am having trouble with the BIOS.

Basically the person who explained OC to me told me to set my "Turbo Core" to 42, and give that a try. However I can't seem to find an option in my BIOS called "Turbo Core". I think I have an older BIOS version, but here are my options in the Processor Overrides section, I bolded my current choices:

CPU Voltage Override Type: None/Static/Dynamic
Maximum Non-Turbo Ratio: 33
Processor Idle State: High Performance/Low Power
Intel Turbo Boost Technology: Disable/Enable
TDC Current Limit Override (Amps): 97
Burst Mode Power Limit (Watts): 118
Sustained Mode Time (Seconds): too many options to list, but currently set as '1'
Sustained Mode Power Limits (Watts): 95
IGD Current Limit (Amps): 32

Active Core-Based Ratio Limits: Disable/Enable
4-Core Ratio Limit: 34
3-Core Ratio Limit: 35
2-Core Ratio Limit: 36
1-Core Ratio Limit: 37

So which of these would I change to get the equivalent of setting "Turbo Core" to 42?

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November 17, 2012 2:01:31 AM

Set all of the Turbo "Ratio Limits" to 42.
November 17, 2012 5:03:30 AM

Turbo ratio limits? I only see Core Ratio limits and Non-Turbo Ratios?
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November 17, 2012 5:08:43 AM

ComputerNoob79 said:
ok done thank you. now once i'm in windows and looking around, how can i see whether it worked? where can i see what speed things are running at, so i can know that the overclocking is working?

CPU-Z is one way.

RealTemp will show you the speed, as well, along with the core temps.

It'll still idle at 1.6Ghz (assuming SpeedStep is still enabled), so you either need to stress test it with a program like Prime 95 (which you should do, anyway, to test for stability), or set the Power Plan to High Performance (Control Panel -> Power Options).

High Performance will lock in max speed, regardless of load.