M4a89gtd pro not waking up

So my new m4a9gtd isn't waking up after a night of staying on...the only way I get it back on is shutting off the power supply and turning back on. Anybody else have this problem or have a workaround? Thanks!
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    It could be caused by a lot of things, most of the time it is caused from a device conflict and less common from a misbehaving background app or corruption.

    R/O Background app - run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic Startup. If that solves the problem then it is a tedious task to determine the conflict. Start by enabling only Microsoft -> Services tab and Disable ALL from Startup - tab.

    R/O "most" drivers: 1. D/L the latest drivers {ASUS USA doesn't list your MOBO} and also uses Windows Update and look for any optional Drivers for update.

    R/O "some" System errors: right-click "C" drive/select properties/tools -tab/check [X] Automatically fix File System Errors/click Start/restart.

    Good Luck!
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