Need some troubleshooting Help

I know this may not be the appropriate forum for this but I know there are alot of knowledgeable ppl on these boards and I need some help here.


This is my old computer that I passed along to a friend of mine. It was working fine before I gave it too him, when he first tried to set it up he couldn't load windows. It goes to the windows xp logo and then pops up with a message saying it is going to sleep mode. He said he can boot up into "Safe Mode" but not normal mode. Sry don't know exact hardware or error msg b/c the computer isn't here with me right now. It is on the other side of the city and I'm going to check it out tmw.


P4 2.8GHz (I think)
Intel Desktop board GBF-something (pretty old, before LGA775)
2 GB Ram
2 hard drives, one WD and one Seagate
OS is a fresh install of WinXP SP3

Just wondering what could be the problem or what you think will most likely be the problem.
The first thing that comes to mind is maybe the HDD is gone. One of the reasons I bought a new computer is b/c performance started to drop on that machine and I thought maybe the HDD was going bad.

I know its kinda of vague and there could be alot of different causes, but I'm happy with best guesses at this point.

Should I just try to do some diagnostic on the HDD? or maybe just install the OS on the other HDD and see if it works?

Thanks for you help.
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  1. He might have been messing around with the power saving settings, When he goes into Safe Mode, Tell him to go into My Computer>Control Panel>Power Options> Then there should be a option to change when your computer enters a hibernation mode, Click on the box and choose "Never", Reboot and see the results.
  2. Vibration that occurred when you moved the system could have caused this. Recheck all of the connectioms inside the case.
  3. ok I'll check connections first then hibernation mode.

    Thanks guys!
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