SLI 9800GT or single HD5770

just wondering if SLI 9800GT will outperform a single HD5770 and if so what mobo would be a good one to get, has to also support an i5 661. because of Budget mobo can only cost about 150-160 max, and playing on a 23" screen if that makes any difference.
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  1. Do you have the 9800's already?
  2. i have 1 9800GT, if i bought another i would move them both into a new PC and leave the other one without a GPU, which dosent really bother me.
  3. 5770 would be a considerable improvement strictly in performance. it'll actually use less power, and produce less heat than a single 9800GT too as for sli with 2 9800s that is roughly a performance match to a gtx 275-if utilized correctly but you have a 23 in monitor and if power is not an issue than i would go with the 9800s in sli. a mobo for and i5 sli setup, i would go with this baby

    and for the 5770 maby this one
  4. I can't say I've seen many benchmarks comparing Sli's 9800GT's compared to the 5770 but as a pair of 9800's should be somewhere between a GTX275 and GTX280, a 5770 only has DX11 but will not match the 9800's in high resolution gaming, ie 16 x 10 or 19 x 10.
  5. i agree! is DX11 really worth it though?
  6. at what resolution will 9800s in sli start to outperform a 5770?
  7. Two 9800GTs will be superior to a 5770. Two 9800GTs perform equal to a GTX280, while a 5770 performs almost equal to a 4870. 4870 < 4890 ~ GTX275 ~/< GTX280

    However, a 5770 will use less power and run cooler than the 9800GTs, and support dx11 and eyefinity.
  8. Thanks very much for the input, im headed towards buying another 9800GT. Any ideas on what the best 150+-30 mobo , that can take an i5 661 CPU, also if it helps i will be using a 600w Antec Darkside PSU.
  9. river686 said:
    i agree! is DX11 really worth it though?

    At the moment that's a bit subjective, for some it will be a must have feature regardless of how powerful the card is whilst some will only entertain the idea that only a high powered first generation DX11 card we be able to run at decent frame rates whilst still others will be sitting back waiting for a decent amount of games worth playing to turn up.
  10. very true, thanks mousemonkey! also i would just do some research on the p55 motherboard, maby a gigabyte, foxconn or evga.
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