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I need some help, I researched and a lot of people suggested this motherboard :

My question is im probably gonna buy phenom ii x4 955 BE C3 stepping, so will this mobo support C3 out of the box?
If not can you recommend any good mobo around 100 which supports C3?

and one last thing, can i flash my bios after inserting the c3 cpu into the msi motherboard or will the system just crash?
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  1. This board doesn't have the newer sata 6.0 or usb 3.0. Looks like one of the newegg reviewers mistakingly listed these features. Can't predict if your board will post with your cpu, but newegg usually carries newer boards, so it may work fine. If it does, I wouldn't flash the bios until you try the old one first. Some newer bios updates don't overclock as well. Try overclocking first before deciding on the bios flash.
  2. Sata 6.0 and USB 3.0 is not that important for me. And I'm replacing my old motherboard and CPU so if it doesn't post I'm pretty much screwed and all money will go to waste, therefore I need to make sure that the mobo I buy supports c3 out of the box
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