Which is better: 4k read/write or sequential read/write

I am looking at the Samsung 830 128gig ssd, and am planning on using it primarily for my OS (obviously) and for a few games. While looking for the right ssd, I noticed that many ssds had very high sequential read/write speeds, but they all seem to have about the same 4k read/write speeds.

In your opinion which do you all think is best for the OS and gaming? 4k or sequential?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the SSD I am looking at
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  1. Sequintial
  2. Sequential.
  3. One more thing to add - having a high 4KB random read is also good in addition to sequential read access.
  4. Actually 4k random reads are used the most on gaming applications, since the dive is picking many files from random places in the drive, I don't know why you guys think the sequential read speed is more important.
  5. For overall responsiveness 4K is more important, most system files are in that range. Sequential for faster transfer of large files.
    Comparing to HDDs it's a moot point anyway.
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