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I've recently tried overclocking my computer to see what the increased speeds would make BF3 look like. After following multiple simple guides telling me what settings to change for my specific motherboard I ended up entering the settings and rebooting only to find a BSOD greeting me. This didn't seem to get fixed by changing a few of the settings back around, and to cut my losses I decide to try to revert the settings back to the original. The problem is that when I started up the computer again and let it sit idle on my desktop, I noticed the little toolbar intel processor speed addon I have was showing my computer's CPU usage jumping around from 2% to 30% to 4% to 80% (not in that order) all without even doing anything.

To fix this issue I decided to reflash my bios to the latest version hoping it would erase any OC settings that might have been left unchanged on my computer. After doing this I find that my cpu usage isn't jumping around quite as much after that but it still does jump more than before I tried any of this OC stuff, it used to just run idle but since then my whole computer seems to act weird. The point thats sent me over the edge was when playing BF3 earlier and just recently I get a BSOD and my computer has to shut down. This occurs after my game has been running for a while, not instantly. So I'm getting BSOD and many odd acting components with my motherboard and CPU now and I don't really know what to do with it. Is there are way to revert everything back to the day I put this computer together or something like that? What do you guys think the issue is here? Thanks

I realize you will probably need more info, maybe on my BSOD message and such (is there a place I can view error messages on my computer) and I will get it to you when you tell me what you need, thanks guys.

P.s I would also like to mention that BF3 has always played well before this whole situation and I've played it on high/ultra consistently if that matters any, also this is the first occasion of getting BSOD on this comp since I built it last January

CPU Intel 2500k
MB ASUS p8p67 m-pro
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  1. Just to be 100% sure you are back at stock settings, turn off your computer, pull the power cord out, and then remove the battery on the motherboard for a couple minutes.

    Then reinstall the battery, connect the power cord and boot up.

    If you still have issues, something may have been damaged with your overclock. (CPU / motherboard are prime suspects)
  2. I did this afterward to try to reset, which made me believe it was reset. The BSOD still happened afterward sadly, only when I'm playing BF3 which really taxes my computer on high settings. The odd thing is it never gave a BSOD before the OC when playing BF3 no matter how high my computer revved. I'm wondering about trying to reinstall my bios with the CD that came with my motherboard next week when I get home.
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