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So my new build has a SSD RAID1.
Yes I hear everyone thinks that
it's wrong and/or a waste.

It does have TRIM ON and does
not show up in defrag list.

Is it still bad to run this RAID1?

Ok, So next question....

What's the best way to split the drives?

Do I switch from raid to AHCI?


Do I leave RAID ( It is AHCI ) and
change the drive to non-raid disk?

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  1. So you are saying you want to disable the raid? If so then you want to change the raid setting to AHCI in the bios.
  2. If I go straight AHCI the windows system can not be recovered.
    If I go RAID the use intel storage manager to set the disk is a
    non raid disk it restores.

    I heard RAID in BOIS and non RAID disk really uses AHCI.

    What is the correct way?
  3. It is true that when you set the option to raid it is also AHCI and once you restore then you may have to switch it to AHCI or if it does not have any problems then you can leave it as raid , however any new drives may be affected by it being a raid setting.
  4. Thanks, I am working on it now. I will try flipping it.

    Can I do a system restore from a 1TB HHD onto a 120GB SSD?
  5. You can do a system restore from any hdd to any hdd as long as there is space on the new hdd for it. A good way to do something like that is to take just your important non-replacable files and copy them to another drive and then load windows onto the new drive and then adding your saved files. If the saved files are on a storage drive then you could also leave them there and just have your OS on the new drive for better performance.
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