Corsair dominator gt 4gb in a p6td deluxe

I need some help please
i have build my comp 2 days ago for the first time :)
i got the Motherboard p6td deluxe
and i have the corsair dominator GT 4gb
i did my 2x 2gb ddr3 cards in dimm a1 and dimm b1 so the red slots first en second
but it only sees 2gb...i tested both my memory and they both work ( tried them seperate)
but for some reason if i place the second one in dimm b1 he doesnt work so now i placed him in dimm c1 and that one he does see the memory
why is this? is the memory slot broken of my motherboard ?
is it that i run a window x32?
or something in my bios?

btw they are
type: CMT4GX3M2A2000C8
CL8 ( 8-9-8-24 )
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  1. nvm people
    i just checked it again and it seems i dint push in the memory in firmly...
    it works now
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