How to recover files from a deleted partition?

Hello everyone and thanks for this useful forum,

I was on the windows xp setup, and i deleted the D partition and then recreated it, then i installed windows 7 coz my boot manager was gone, now all i want is to recover the old files from the previous partition, is there a possible way to do it, plz help me out and thanks in advance
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  1. So how many partitions do you have and did you write any data over the partition that you deletede and recreated? You can try this free software;
  2. I have two partitions, and yes i installed a new os on the 'new' partition
  3. I have two partitions, and yes i installed a new os on the 'new' partition. And sorry im new here
  4. If you have written data over the old data then you have no options and there is no way to recover any data that has been overwritten.
  5. any data that was their and written over by your new windows instalation is lost im afraid. however if you had, for example 200g of data and only installed 20g of OS files and apps, then the other 180g is recoverable. all data on a hdd that is deleted leaves a ghost image that remains their until the hdd is defraged or over written. try the data recovery programs suggested above.
  6. Try freeware Recuva, or you may use some data recovery program to get files back from deleted partition .

    Tips: partition became invisible when the partition table is damaged or deleted when you deleted partition.
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