How do i transfer my os on my laptop to a new hard drive

I have an acer aspire 5610 laptop and I want to get a larger hard drive for it. My question is, how would I install the operating system on the new hard drive? My OS is Windows Vista.
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  1. Do you have another computer or a usb stick?
  2. Your laptop should have a reserved recovery partition. Make sure to copy it to your new hard drive and try to run OS from there.
  3. Use a program such as Acronis True Image to clone your old drive onto the new one, then just swap the drives. Nothing could be easier.
  4. This article might help you out:

    Walks you through cloning a drive using PartedMagic (linux)
    In this case, you'd have to hook up your drive to be cloned into the laptop, and the drive being cloned via external USB device. Note that I have not used this personally, so I'm not sure if it will find a drive connect via USB.

    Acronis, while paid for, is pretty easy, though.
  5. i can vouch for Parted Magic myself.i use it daily at work,very useful tool.
  6. hello, you can use Paragon or AOMEI Partition Assistant to transfer your OS to your new and large hard drive. but you need to know that AOMEI Partition Asssitant is free of charge while paragon needs you to pay. here is a post about the two software on howtogeek, hope it can help you.
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