GA-790XTA-UD4 + X2 550BE + 5770

Okay so since my budget is pretty tight.
I might just go for the GA-790XTA-UD4 motherboard and the 550BE and 5770.
Most likely I'm def. going to overclock the 550BE with a good fan to 4.0 or something, and then just get the 5770.
I'll spend the rest of my money either on another 5770 and go 2x 5770 with the motherboard.
I'll just get like 6gb ram, a good fan and power supply and stuff. Any options or tips guys?
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  1. Cause i thought of it and did some research, I was going to get the 260gtx. I wanted the 5850-5870 or something but it was kind of far out of my budget, the 5770 is almost the same as the 260gtx and the directx11 crap as well. So, any tips? :D
  2. Well, you should try and unlock the Phenom II X2 550 into a Phenom II X4, which will help a lot.
  3. How are you going to configure 6G of RAM? What OS are you going to run?
  4. Windows 7 (64bit) ? lol
  5. So are you going to run 2x2G and 2x1G?
  6. What xD
  7. Are you going to run 2 2gigabyte memory chips in 2 of the memory slots and 2 1gigabyte memory chips in the other 2 memory slots for a total of 6gigabytes of RAM. If so that is an Intel memory configuration and I would suggest you might be better served if you went with 8gigabytes of memory composed of 4 2gigabytes that fill all 4 memory slots.
  8. the 5770 is a better choice
    and as Lmeow said you could unlock it to X4
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    Any loss of 'dual channel' performance from running 3x2Gb of RAMs can be easily overcome by OC'ing the NB/IMC (generally simple process).

    IIRC there are quite a number of 3x2Gb kits of various speeds approved for that motherboard on the Gigabyte QVL list. I would highly suggest you consider them.

    As always, if you add an additional stick verify same capacity, brand, speed, and chips as your originals to avoid any problems.

    2 x HD5770s will be a stout gaming rig :)
  10. +1 5770s and try to get those cores unlocked.

    5770 crossfire is the sweet-spot in good gaming performance
  11. Wisecracker said:
    Any loss of 'dual channel' performance from running 3x2Gb of RAMs can be easily overcome by OC'ing the NB/IMC (generally simple process).

    Assuming the person in question knows what 3x2g means. We don't even want to go to (un)ganged. :sarcastic:
  12. Lol, yeah i didnt really read it very well .. I know what 2x 2gb of ram is lol.
    And yeah, i think ill go for 4x 2gbs of ram and have 8gb of ram. Most likely going for that mobo, the cpu and the 5770 .. I'll get another 5770 soon so ill just crossfire.
    About the CPU, i saved a couple of videos and tutorials of how to unlock it. A quad core for that cheap is pretty good, Thanks guys for the tips. I really appreciate it.
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