Radiator load help for new watercoolling system

Hey guys I'm looking at installing a custom water cooling loop in my new rig, and the main thing i can't decide on is the radiator capacity. I'm using the HAF X case, 3570K OC'd to 4.2Ghz, ASUS GTX670. I want to overclock the components as far as they can go with good temperatures. I will be ordering all my parts from pccasegear.com and was thinking of getting the corsair sp120 fans in push pull. Need your suggestions for radiators? Cheers guys. If you need anymore info please reply as I really need an accurate Rad capacity
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  1. This is covered in the W/c sticky at the top of the section, you can calculate your tdp and figure out the necessary radspace from there,
    There are also some retailers listed to scope out gear, I like Xspc rads, RX and newer series, the older Rs ones don't really cut it anymore for me
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