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Asus p5kpl-am epu motherboard display

Hello,I am using asus p5kpl-am epu mobo.everytime i open my pc, my monitor displays this one "asus p5kpl-am epu"(the blue thing).can i set XPSP4 not to display this "asus p5kpl-am epu"word?how?
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    Welcome Newcomer! :)

    First, there's no XP SP4 and I doubt there ever will be more than XP SP3 -

    I am totally confused what is going on ""asus p5kpl-am epu"(the blue thing)" - if you mean the BIOS Splash screen then you'll need to disable it in the BIOS:
    1. Restart press the "Delete" key
    2. Arrow to the {Boot} tab in BIOS
    3. Change Full Screen Logo -> {Disabled}
    4. Press "ESC" key and choose Save & Exit Yes.

    Good Luck!
  2. sorry, i mean XP SP3...with your help,i got my problem fixed.Thank You jaquith and!
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  4. Hello, I have the same motherboard as win1234 but my problem is a little bit different then his, my motherboard will start but will not display anything on the screen, the display remains in stand by as if I would have not have opened the computer.

    I have tested the motherboard with other components and still nothing shows up on my display, I have reseted the the BIOS by removing the battery, I have visually inspected the motherboard and I see no inflated capacitor or no other parts that seem as they would have cracked or burnt.

    I really don't know what to do, I ran out of ideas, I would really appreciate some fresh thoughts on this. THANKS :sweat:
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