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Using an External Hard Drive as an Internal?

I saw a similar post on a thread below, but my question is different in one key way:

I was wondering if it is possible for me to use an external hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex) as a spare internal hard drive. It is approximately the same size as a Western Digital PassPort drive, for those who are unfamiliar with the drive. It is smaller than a typical external hard drive, so I was wondering if it was possible.

Is has an eSATA connector, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any help you may offer,

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  1. external drives are known as external drives for a reason. I'd not venture into the "external converted into internal" route. better in the long run, as you might encounter issues.

    ** welcome tot he forums, newcomer!
  2. Nyxevvie

    You can make the drive into an internal by removing the hard drive from the external casing, which makes it a bare drive, and installing it in the case. Don't install an external housing inside your case.

    Are you done using the external device and looking for a better alternative than throwing it in the trash? Or why do you want to do this? If I understood what you are trying to accomplish, I could give a better answer.
  3. Whoops...

    I included the 'why' on another forum i posted on but happened to forget to do so here.

    Im currently trying to put together a build for a new computer. My hopes were to include both a SSD and a traditional 7200rpm data drive, but my budget does not allow for this at the moment. In doing this, i could purchase the SSD now and get the 7200rpm data drive later.
  4. the prices of HDD's are yet high, true - and it'll be this way until Q1 2013 or so as analysts see it to mark up prices.

    if you don't need much capacity and trade off for speed, the SSD is the route to go. need mroe capacity+ speed - HDD's the route. If you have a Z68 mobo, maybe do SSD caching.
  5. I will be using a Z68 Asus board; so that was planned. Disassembling this external drive would give me an option until i can afford the other drive.
  6. warranty expired on that external drive?
  7. Nope. I got it for christmas to pair with my macbook, and ive used it like 4 times. I would much rather use it for this so i can gain some use out of it.
  8. have you googled on how to open it apart?

    if you are sure you'll find a drive which will accept a sata data+power're good to go.
  9. It has a SATA data and power connector. The drive inside is a laptop hard drive. Seagate momentus 5400.6. My question now is... Would that work in a desktop?
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    YEASH matey! thas the question/answer we needed to know too :) so you're all set, just make sure you don't need a mini sata converter - but thas easy to find on newegg
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  12. Awesome. Thanks for all your help. Would I need to purchase a bracket or anything to hold this hard drive in place, as I would an SSD? It would be going in a 3.5" bay.
  13. well yeah you could, there's always the DIY option to get some double sided tape and hook the drive to the back of where the ODD would be mounted.
  14. Ahh. Alright
  15. so we're set?
  16. Lutfij said:
    so we're set?

    hey lutfij
    can i connect this hard drive on internal convectional SATA ports (2 cables one for power and data) by removing the usb adapter.

    -internal sata ports of hard disk (
  17. wouldn't do that If I were you. Just run the drive off the go flex cable. sorry old thread, needs moderation.
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