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Hello everyone,

I am curious to know of the usual stock voltage of the said processor. My motherboard has voltage set as auto by default, hence the CPU voltage utilization fluctuates based on load (at least that's what CPU-Z and HWMonitor have been telling me). At max, it would go up to 1.384 running Prime95. Is this normal? I want to determine how much headroom do I have to overclock (currently at stock).

Motherboard is MSI 790GX-G65 and I have a 750W PSU.

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  1. Hi.

    The stock voltage depends of the version of the CPU, the C2 is 1.340V and max 1.500V, i don't knoe the stock voltage of the C3 but the max voltage is 1.400V.

    CPU-Z show the revision of the CPU that u have, or in the box u also can find it. But like I see, the stock voltage is fine.

    The OC depends of the mobo and settings that u use for it, but I think that u can get 3.8GHz or 4GHz stable with the right settings.
  2. Hello SAINT19, it's good to hear that. Mine is C2. Bought it before C3 came out. I'll overclock over the weekend. I can't wait!
  3. Nice, mine is C2 too and I can get 3.8GHz with 1.417V stable at 47C in load with a Hyper 212+.

    Also I can get the 4GHz but not very stable because my mobo isn't very good.
  4. I have the X4 955BE C3 Stepping with Voltage @ 1.25v stock and a Max voltage @ 1.45v. under load it gets about 1.3v and over clocked multiplier @ 18x (instead of 16x stock) doesn't change voltage (running @ 3.6Ghz). Can get it to just above 4Ghz by changing both multiplier and FSB but voltage goes to about 1.32v - 1.44v under load and can cause a little instability. (some games crap out sometimes but this is on stack cooler).
  5. I am using Cooler Master V8. At stock temps are around low 30's with air-conditioning turned on. Without, the chip would idle at around 40C. When put on load, without air-conditioning, it would get as high as 54C. With air-conditioning, around 45C. I am aiming for around 3.7GHz at less than 1.45V (hopefully my chip can do it).
  6. I wouldn't say you would have much of a problem hitting 3.7GHz with 1.45V. If your motherboard is a good overclocker, and you got a decent 955, I would say you could do it at about 1.35V easily.
  7. I do hope that's the case. I do not have much experience overclocking an AMD. My previous processors were all Intel. I'll put my baby to the test later. Cheers
  8. Don't worry about the experience, nobody born with OC in his blood, it's something that u learn on the way.

    My 1st OC was in 2000 with an Athlon XP 1.9GHz @ 2.4GHz, not much but was a single core processor.

    U can find many guides to OC AMD processors on the Internet.
  9. Thanks a lot there SAINT :)
  10. HA HA Saint, my fist overclock was a Celeron 300a @450Mhz - FSB:66 to FSB:100 - no voltage change, ran like this for a year
  11. hey, i know this's a very old topic, my i'm overclocking my 955 @ 3.5 with 1.3125v
    they system is stable and it runs good with Prime95 @ 55c-57c full load with cooler master hyper tx3....i want to know if this result is good and if the voltage is low in case of heavy game loading, would it affect the cpu?
  12. Prime95 will push your processor harder than any game on the market, if it's Prime95 stable than it'll be stable to game with.
  13. @kaspro, Start your own thread rather than hijacking somebody else's (old) one.
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