Installing raid card drivers for os install without floppy

My new case does not have a bay for the 3.5 floppy. During the windows install, I need to load the drivers for my raid card. How do I get this done without the floppy drive hooked up?
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  1. What OS? A newer OS like Windows 7 can load drivers from a USB thumb drive. If Windows XP, you'll have to slipstream the drivers.
  2. Windows xp. How do I slipstrem the drivers?
  3. Cool. Right now I have the sp3 and raid drivers integrated. I am trying to integrate the radeon 9250 drives as well, but what I downloaded from ati was an exe. Is there a way to integrate the video card drivers?

    I am doing this on another machine, so I don't want to run the exe.
  4. I don't see the point of integrating video drivers. Once the OS is installed, you install the video drivers.
  5. True. Just thought it would save a step.
  6. The Radeon 9250 drivers already are included in XP SP3.
  7. Ok, I'm running into a problem. The raid array is showing as only 7.5 gigs instead of 75 gigs. What could case this? This is in the windows xp setup when it shows partitions. I've tried deleting the partition and recreating but it still shows the smaller amount.
  8. What RAID card are you using? Was the RAID created before loading Windows?
  9. Never mind. It was my 8 gig thumb drive plugged in. Just lost everything on it. Crap.
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