I5 3750k overclocking motherboard voltage wrong? temps are great

HI all, I have a MSI Z68AGD55 B3 motherboard and I 5 3750k, I have had this cpu overclocked to 4.5 ghz stable for month or more no problems but I had to crank the voltage way up to get it stable compared to what others out there have there voltage set at to get 4.5. I understand the v droop and such to some degree , all my bois allows is to set it at a % not low high and such. I still get huge v droop I have it at 1.35 v and drops way down around 1.26-1.28 v but even at these settings prime 95 run for hours temps are at 68c max is my cooling that good with the cooler master 212 evo? or are my voltages wrong. My case is full tower nzxt phantom full of fans as well. I am happy with this as my first build and all but still wondering why I have to crank voltage so high
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  1. Oh dear.... I would be slightly worried about 1.35 - you generally don't want to ever even touch 1.3, even if temps are safe.

    The reason is because overclocking doesn't work like a ramp - it's more like a set of stairs. There will be a point at which, in order to get that next .1GHz, vcore has to skyrocket.

    Have you tried OCing at 4.4? 4.3? Even 4.2 GHz will be MORE than enough for a very long time.
  2. I personally do NOT OVERCLOCK at all.

    - With TURBO enabled, the CPU will auto boost from 3.5GHz up to 3.9GHz.
    - The default settings are more efficient for power (and thus noise)
    - There are very few GAMES that will benefit with more than 3.9GHz. Chances are you're more bottlenecked by the Graphics Card.

    While we're on the subject, many people don't know how to properly Cool/Quiet their PC's. The 3570K can run really quiet:

    1) Have a good CPU HSF
    2) Use FAN CONTROL (motherboard + motherboard software) to auto control the fan speed to reduce noise
    3) use 4-pin fans were beneficial (many motherboards just run 3-pin fans at 100% thus they are noisy)

    - Each CPU is different.
    - the CPU HEATSINK/FAN is the most important part for reducing CPU temperature, however the MOTHERBOARD is the most important part for voltage stability. If you have to raise the Voltage higher than normal, it's probably because your motherboard isn't as good as others for stabilizing the voltage.

    *With a good heatsink, and a GOOD motherboard, 4.6GHz is often the most you can RELIABLY get out of the i5-3570K.

    - I recommend sticking with default 3.5GHz + TURBO
    - make sure FAN/Noise control is sorted out
    - the Motherboard is the critical component for stabilizing CPU voltage
    (FYI, that is changing in future CPU's I think maybe starting with Haswell which has internal voltage stabilization.)
  3. ??? ah its ok to go over 1.3v to 1.350v on Air!! I mean his Temps are Way low under 70c here the thing

    Ivy Bridge throttles at 105 C. If you want to play conservative and be safe, I'd advise keeping it under 95 C
    Max Voltage on Vcore up to 1.350v on Air & Up need Water Cooling!!

    I have my Cpu at 4.5ghz at Vcore 1.345v with Vcore Loadline Cal. Turbo........... Do you have your Vcore Loadline on Auto or what sup?? Reason why you see core voltage going from 1.35v to 1.28 to 1.29v because your Pc is idle & stuff that perfectly normal!! Set Vcore Loadline to Turbo & Lower Voltage 1.350v like you have it & Test if it Passes Good then go back into Bios & Lower Cpu Vcore 5 points down see if it still will work you dont wanna use to much Power on your Cpu!! Check for Stable & stuff for couple hrs!!

    If Prime blend crashes at any time then you aren't stable. If Event Viewer gets any WHEA errors at any time then you aren't stable. If any games crash, you're not stable etc.
  4. Your Temps are Low Buddy Meaning GOOd GOOd lol.... Do this Set Vcore Loadline to Turbo & set Cpu Vcore to 1.340v & save what you did & let Windows boot if it doesnt bump up voltage 5 points more!! & find it stable you will get it Stable!!

    I got my Cpu at 4.8ghz at 1.360v but knocked it back down to 4.5ghz cause of the cold weather here where I live been using heater lately!! Max temps I got on 4.8ghz was 88c on Antec 420 620 Water Cooler
  5. You can Prob go Higher on your Overclock over 4.5ghz since your Temps are only 68c lol Max for Cpu is 105c wanna stay under 90c
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