Win7 OS occupies double the size on SSD

Im having a problem keeping my size down on my SSD boot drive. After installing Win7 OS on an SSD, i noticed that it occupied approximately 20gigs (way too much for just the OS). While on the HDD that I was using previously it occupied approximately only 10gigs. Why such a difference for the same OS and same type of instal? Furthermore, this was the case with a total of two different SSDs that I attempted to do a fresh-clean instal to (attempting to see if it was the drive, OS, or user error). One is a Samsung 830 64gb and one is a Patriot Pyro 60 gb. Any ideas why this is?
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  1. Disable Hibernate. It will use the same size as your RAM (ie 8 gb ram 8gb Hibernate file).

    No idea what's going on. I don know Windows is tough to pin down. It seems to grow, shrink, and misreport over and over.
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