I have a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3 mobo ,1 intel x25-v 80gb ssd,2 seagate barricuda h

this my first doing this. i hope someone out there could help me me out
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  1. pestro183 said:
    this my first doing this. i hope someone out there could help me me out

    i also have a intel i7-920
  2. What are you needing help with since you left that part out??
  3. setting up my ssd ,and hard drives in best way possible.(raid o i think. im new to this stuff)
  4. these are the drives i have to work with.(2 seagate barrucuda 1.5 tb drives and also the ssd intelx25-v sata drives. one is 40 gb and the other is 80 gb.i would like to put my os on the ssd and the other reg hds in raid o
  5. You should be able to set up the 2 seagate drives in raid 0 and then load the OS onto one of the ssd's. Just follow the instructions in your mobo manual to set up raid 0. You might be able to set up the seagate drives in raid 0 after your OS is installed on a SSD. All information will be wiped on the seagate drives when you set up raid 0 on them.
  6. I assume that you want the SSD {OS + 'some Apps'} + RAID 1 {Data}/mirrored ; RAID 0 would be crazy for important Data!

    Good luck with that {SSD + RAID} - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/276715-30-x58a-ud3r-raid-bsod-disk-boot-failure

    Ideal Ports - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/278015-30-mobo-ideal-sata-ports-settings-ports

    I would recommend that you update your BIOS, although BIOS FB hasn't seemed to fix the RAID issues with the UD3R.

    Setting up the RAID is relatively easy:
    1. Install the SSD & HDD as {Ideal Ports}
    2. BIOS
    a. ICH SATA Control Mode {RAID(XHD)}
    b. SATA Port0-3 Native Mode {Enabled}
    c. HPET Mode {64-bit}
    d. Save & Exit
    2. Set up RAID {Ctrl-I}
    refer Chapter 6 pages 85-89

    My RAID on the MOBO ran okay for a few days and degraded the system until it became unstable, so don't be too surprised if it runs initially.

    Good Luck!
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