WD Caviar Black vs Caviar Green, RAID 10?

I currently have

HDD1 Hitachi 2TB 5900RPM 64MB 3.0gb/s (os drive)(backup)
HDD2 Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM 16MB 3.0gb/s (media drive/important projects)

(back up of important projects)
HDD3 500GB 7200RPM 32MB 6.0gb/s Western Caviar Black
HDD4 500GB 7200RPM 32MB 6.0gb/s Western Caviar Black

Q) I was wondering what you guys recommended for a redundancy set up.
Without losing too much space of course.
Q) And my main question is, if i bought two Caviar Greens and set up a RAID 10 with the Blacks..
Will it make a difference?

I bought all these drives at different times so i didn't think of getting identical drives. :(
I need help organizing myself.. i think i have ocd
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  1. I would not recommend the WD greens for raid arrays as they spin down to soon and will cause array issues. WDidle no longer works on the green drives to disable the spin down.

    Generally for raid arrays, it is a good idea to use the same drives: size, speed, firmware, even the same batch if possible.
  2. mm i see what you are saying..
    damn i got lucky with my black drives. i bought them for 50 bucks a piece.
    they are worth 170 now. :( no way. damn flood...

    would you recommend me using my 1TB HDD w/ 16mb of cache instead of my 2TB HDD?

    or maybe a striped array using the blacks?
  3. I guess what im tryna get at is.. if you had my drives. how would you arrange them?
  4. Oh I just realized I was looking at the wrong HDD on newegg. There is a promo for the WD Caviar Blue. they're 500gb 7200, 16mb, 3gbs,

    would these drives be any good in a raid array paired with blacks?

    I didn't see the last part of your message on my phone. :(
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    I wouldn't use RAID 0 for backup storage of important files, if one drive fails you lose everything. If they are real important RAID 1 maybe.

    If they were my drives, I would put my OS and programs on one of the black 500gb, use the other for work files, use the 1Tb for other fast storage and the 2Tb would be my backup storage drive since it is large and your slowest drive.
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  7. Thank you for the info :)
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