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Yesterday I've installed the Serious Sam 2 demo (old game). Since the intro I noticed that there were sound problems: no voices for the characters. Then I could actually play the game, there was music but no weapon sounds... there wasn't anything except the music.

So I thought that it was just a demo, that I could play a real game... I launched Battlefield 1942 (old game too) and surprise! No sound except the music.

I uninstalled SS2 demo, updated DirectX and my audio drivers but the problem was still there. I tried Call of Duty 1 (I definitely play old games), and the sound worked. My most recent game is World of Warcraft Lich King: the sound works fine too.

The only solution by now is to disable the hardware acceleration in DirectSound. I get sounds, but crappy sounds. My audio device is an E-MU 0404 PC card, released under the Creative Professionnal brand. I didn't install the drivers for my onboard audio device (nForce 4). DirectX version is 9.0c.

I'm also experiencing an other problem after having installed the demo. My multimedia player (KMPlayer) can't render audio streams embedded in video containers anymore. Very annoying problem... I think it's a software problem since it came after a software installation.

Any ideas? Thanks by advance for your help and sorry for my poor english.
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  1. Edit: I tried to run BF42 in Win98 compatibility mode and... it works. But, since it worked well before, having to do this trick is a shame, and the game runs a bit slower.

    Edit: No that did'nt solved the problem, just made my game run slower. What did solved the problems was copying an old OpenAL32.dll in the game folders. A sort of local library. In my system32 folder, there is the most recent dll, and I picked up an old one from Jedi Knight II folder for BF42. That's going more and more strange...
  2. Vista/7 dropped support for Directsound acceleration. Hence why the OpeAL32.dll helped solve the problem.
  3. In fact, i'm running on Windows XP Pro.

    Edit : I was so happy that I've installed the expansion packs... the sound is gone again =/
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