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System Info:
CPU: Intel i7 860
Video: Sipphire Radeon HD5870
CPU Cooler: Corsir H50 / Thermaltake "Real Silent"

So I had some bad news when I started my PC yesterday. Immediately after I turned it on I smelled smoke and the computer shut itself down. When I tried to turn it on again it shows a CPU error (on board LED indicator) and shuts off again. So I ended up taking out the hardware to find the source of the problem and I saw that a chip above the PCIex 16x slot has a white speck and does not look like the other chips next to it. see this photo.

A little background... My PC was running ok for about six weeks with the Thermaltake air cooler (CPU temp around 40-50 C). So I decided to go with the Corsair H50 enclosed water-cooler. I installed the H50 on Thursday and ran it for about 4-5 hours with no problems (CPU temp 20-35C). I also had it on for 3-4 hours on Friday with no problems. When I went to start my PC on Saturday is when the bad thing happened. :sweat:

I'm suspecting the H50 is to blame, but it could also be my MOBO. I'm hoping my $430 video card or my $300 cpu wasn't damaged.

Can anyone give me some info on possible causes? Or has anyone had similar experiences with ASUS?
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  1. Need a better lit picture.
  2. Here are a couple more pics... it's hard to get b/c it's so small.
    Here is the chip info (printed on chip):
    ASM1440 TC

  3. Did some googling this morning... here is some info on the bad chip:

    ASM1440 is a 16 to 8 channel multiplexer/demultiplexer Switch with Hi-Z outputs. This device is a bi-directional multiplexes differential signal to one of two corresponding outputs. This design is suitable for current high-speed application such as PCI-Express Rev.1.0, PCI-Express Rev.2.0 & Serial ATA.

    * Quick switch for high speed, high bandwidth, differential protocols.
    * 8 channel, 2:1 Mux / DeMux switch with single enable
    * Package: 42 pins TQFN
    * VCC operation: +3.3V
    * Pin out following Intel request
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