Cracked PCI-E

So I finally completed building my first computer. It's up and running so good so far. There was one battle scare however. While I was trying to put my graphics card in, the little plastic clip at the back end of the pci-e slot cracked off. I really didn't even push hard. It looks like its there solely to secure the card into place once its docked in the slot and the computer is running fine. Is it ok that this cracked off?
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  1. It is true that it is to hold the card in the slot and does not affect the operation of the PC. However if you are shifting the PC around you will have to pay attention to that the card is not trying to get out of the slot.
  2. Will be fine as long as the VC makes full contact with the PCIE slot. The set screw holds the card in place. Be aware when transporting the lock is no longer holding the card as steady as it was designed to do. I don't let my busted ones don't get in the way.
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