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This is my very first Homebuilt system. I'm actually teahing myself with Tom's site as a guide. I have new Corsair 400W PS that I'm using. I'm confused about one of the power leads in the harness. My motherboard has a 4 pin conector for the Processor pwr. The problem: there is not a 4 pin connector coming from the PS by itself. There is one part of the harness that has two separate 4 pin connector on the end of it. They are exactly the same but only have about 1 1/2 inch seperation at the end of the wrapped cable. I'm assuming that this harness could be for two processor power supply's very close together on some different kind of a motherboard. I plan on taping back one of the 4 pin plugs and using the other one. Is this a good assumption and action?
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    It's known as a 4+4 connector, and you have the right idea.
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