Turn off and on second monitor on 5870

Dual Monitors can you turn one off and on when ever you need it or the second one is on always?
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  1. yes you can turn one off
  2. I would assume that when you switch off the second monitor by the power switch the video card detects that, and sets the settings accordingly. If it does not set the settings accordingly it probably just keeps sending a signal, and you can still use the screen space, you just cant see anything.
  3. You have to disable the output manually, but it's really simple. I have a 19" Samsung that I mainly use for tv connected to my 5870 via DVI out on the card. When I want to use it as a second monitor I just go into the Catalyst Control Center and enable the second output on the card.
  4. Just like you said,very easy thank you guys, i use the second one as a tv . i want it off the video card when watching tv. thnx
  5. You can either use CCC or Window's display settings.
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