Is it ok to mix up ram speed

ok, so i have a 4 memory slots on my motherboard, ive loaded the first one with 2gb 667mhz and the second one with a 1gb 333mhz and the third one with a 1gb 333mhz and i am receiving random bsod from this.. is it because the speed of the sticks isint the same or because the sizes are diffrent or what could it be ??

btw all of my memory stick are from corsair..
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  1. Yes it will be because of the disparity in the RAM you have out in there. Make sure all your RAM is of the same specification.
  2. Even though that when my computer starts and I check on how much ram i got(by right clicking computer and choose properities) it says i have it says 4gb ?
  3. Update: I tried using just my new 2gb corshair at 667mhz and what I got was a bsod.. then I tried using both of the 1gb corshairs and got no bsod.. pretty sure that means that my new RAM card is faulty, right ?
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