Max Memory on M2N- MX

Good morning ;)

1. I've got a M2N-MX ( not SE), What is the maximum memory I can put on it?

When I bought it apparently it was 2 gb but I'm pretty sure, they've come up with some update of the bios to fix that.

2. By the way what is the difference between M2N-MX et M2N-MX se? Can the same driver be used?


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    ^ 8GB {Windows 32-bit limit is 4GB; therefore > 4GB x64 OS required} -

    ASUS M2N-MX {no, I do not recommend swapping drivers if your MOBO is listed -

    List of ALL M2N-MX MOBOs -

    Good Luck and I hope this correctly answers your questions. :D
  2. Thanks a lot, I think it's clear :)
    Good day
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