ATI Latest Driver problems??

I just tried updating my Radeon Driver to the latest version (8.690) I believe.

Once the catalyst installer had finished it didn't recognise the driver as even being installed.

I switched back to the older version ... 8.681 and everything is working great.

Anyone know if there's any known issues on some systems with the latest driver?

Here's my rig:

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium edition

AMD 965 BE 3.4Ghz
4 GB Kingston RAM
Radeon 4850 512MB GFX
1TB WD Caviar Black
Corsair 650watt PSU
Focusrite Sapphire LE
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  1. 1. Uninstall the driver.
    2. Boot to safe mode.
    3. Use a registry cleaner (CCleaner) or Driversweeper to remove ant driver "leftovers"
    4. Reboot and install Catalyst 10.1 driver
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