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I have an i5 2500k that I am using on a Gigabyte z68XP UD4 board and have an issue with my OC. I have read around and tried a few different techniques to achieve a successful overclock where I am below 1.4v so as not to burn out the CPU sooner but so far each result when I run even the most menial of tests I almost immediately hit 1.401v.

I have been using IBT to test the initial pass for stability just to see if my voltage breaks the 1.4v threshold and what I have noticed is no matter if I manually set the voltage or not, 1.371v is where the core VID starts off. From there it will hover between 1.396 & 1.401 never exceeding that number. I want to get a 4.3-4.4 stable OC mostly for gaming a few hours a day, I seldom get that much time anymore to play but theoretically that would be my goal.

My temps stay below 73C during my tests, it's just the voltage I cannot figure out. I have tried virtually every method I have read on how to OC on this board and for the life of me I cannot figure out what is going on that the core voltage is always 1.371v and peaks at 1.401v. It is really bugging me that this is just not clicking for me. I am coming from and AMD processor and overclocking seemed to be much easier for me on my ASUS board.

I have another board, an EVGA that has never been used and I wonder if I that would be a better option or is it this chip?

Thanks for the help, I am going mad with this..
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  1. It's nothing to worry about, I have an AMD Phenom 2 chip and I can set my voltage to 1.5 and CPUz will say it's sucking down 1.52. It's normal dont sweat it. If you are concerned about burning out your chip I reccomend getting an aftermarket cooler.
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