What External drive should i get for conecting to the tv


I have a new lg hdtv. and it comes with usb conectors that pass full hd movies. works on mkv,divx\xvid. and also srt subs. so i see no point in buying a media box like most people i know did.

After testing the tv with a disk on key wich worked flawslly, i want to buy an external hard drive of about 1 tera.
What i am afraid is that some external hard drives will be too slow and may buffer or something.
what external drive should i get? any perticular specs i should be looking for?

i am not looking for a small external drive (the smaller the more it costs)
i dont care about ac connection (doesnt bother me)
and also the tv seems to read ntfs (fat32 is usless because most failes are larger that 4gb)
any suggestions?
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  1. They make drives for A/V that are used in DVR's and are made to run 24/7.

    Internal (buy an enclosure to make it external):

  2. Looks great, but im looking for a regular external drive that will work the same way not one tha is a speciallity hard drive.
    in any case we dont have those in our country.

    any other suggestions?
  3. All newer (7200rpm) drives are plenty fast for video. It just that A/V drives and enterprise drives are rated to run 24/7. Others are not.
  4. so any desktop usb hard drive will do job?

    any recommendetions? for using with my tv?
  5. I would check your tv's manual for suggestions. Any newer drive should work, though they might not last as long as drives designed to be A/V drives. Most drive manufacturers make A/V drives.
  6. If the tv does have USB3, be sure that your external drive (or enclosure) also does. If it doesn't, then USB2 it is.
    Anyways, someone will correct me, if I'm wrong, but I think the bottleneck is the USB connection. Any drive, even the EcoGreen 5400 rpm drives will saturate that.

    What you should watch out is that it should be as quiet as possible (and slower, EcoGreen drives are tend to be the quiet ones).
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