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my 4890 has been tripping out with my new board, ram and cpu... i have a vantec ion2 520watt PSU and was thinking it might be that although windows thinks its a driver fail( i have unistalled drivers and got new ones(using driver sweeper and add/remover programs)

i want to underclock my GPU by 30mhz on core and 40mhz on memory using the CCC overdrive.

is this okay as it will only be temporary until i findout what the problem is.
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  1. What do u mean by "tripping" ?
    crash? errors?

    i never heard of vantec PSU, it seems not reliable...
    What driver's version did u use? Have u try with the latest or the older one?
  2. it freezes all the time. i have tried the latest and older drivers, 3 kinkds and i get same results= freezing

    i am off to buy myself a 1200watt PSU!!!!
  3. Did u check the card temps?
    U can try on your friend's computer(make sure he has a good PSU) to make sure whether the games are still freeze or not. If it yes then it's your card is in trouble.

    No need 1200W of PSU, u just need a good brands(like Corsair, OCZ, Antec, SilverStone, etc)
    Also make sure all of the power connector cables are properly inserted. :)
  4. everything is connected and i the card temps are around 50 in idle and 60 in game.

    i know the card works because last week (with my old mobo, ram, cpu) the card was working great
  5. The last thing u want to do is try your card on another computer...
    If the same problem exist then your card is defective...
  6. thanks, i'll try it in another PC with a bigger/better PSU
  7. what program can i use to test my GPU???

    as in a stress test?, i just tested my ram and cpu using prime 95 and memtest and got no errors
  8. i ran ATItool and scanned for artifacts, it said 0 errors and then my PC froze up(nothing would happen on the screen except my mouse would move) and then the screen went blank and i restarted.

    what could the problem be? :(
  9. have u try on another computer?
    try stressing your card with program called "Furmark"...
  10. i tried the card on another pc and played crysis warhead on full graphics for 10 minutes and it ran perfectly,

    i have just installed win7 and everythings okay :)
  11. okay, glad to hear that... :)
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