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3 hard disk configiration- premiere pro CS4

Last response: in Systems
February 14, 2010 7:15:11 PM

I tried to read various posts so that I can determine howmany disks I should have in my new computer system but am confused . All posts I read talked about having two disks or then jump to 4 or more with Raid configurations. I thought I will get three disks, one for windows and programs, one for scratchdisk and the other for storage. Can I do this? And if data protection is not my problem (because disks are new and it is only a hobby), can I set these up either as single drives or have the program disk on its own and the other two in a Raid -0-? I understood separate disks kill efficiency (faster execution) which is important for me. (But one post I read said that the difference in efficiency is negligible when there so so few disks - is it true?).

I have another question: Can I use an external hard disk (connected by USB2) as a disk for storage and use only one disk for programs and the other for scratch disk? What are the disadvantages?

Can someone be kind enough to explain these two points above, so that I can understand this and can hopefully feel that I too am a little intelligent :)  ?
February 18, 2010 2:41:00 AM

To answer your first question, you don't need to RAID. But you can just use two drives, not three. The scratch disk doesn't have to separate from your data storage, just from the drive where you installed CS4.