2 SSD's 1 master 1 Slave question

my hard drive isnt cutting it anymore and I want faster load times all around..

and the prices of these cards arent cheap but I was thinking on buying 2 120gb ssd cards and making 1 master and 1 slave...

my question is this:

Doing this would it make my load times greater then just having 1?
Does having 2 ssd cards make more of a difference then 1?

will loading windows and games load faster with 1 or even 2?

just wondering on this before i go and buy 2 of them, If having 2 makes no difference then having 1 then i just go with 1 lol for now lol
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  1. Master slave is for IDE drives. SSD's are SATA where there is one drive per cable per connector. 1 drive will give you the biggest speed increase, 2 drives in Raid 0 will give you another speed increase but at increased probability of DATA loss since if one fails the Data is gone.
    1 120GB for OS and applications with a HDD for storage is the cost/performance solution.
  2. how big is the probability of DATA loss?
    I have a 1tb HDD I am guessing that's right...

    so buy 1 ssd and keep my HDD

    what ssd do you recommend?
  3. It is a question of budget but the new Intel 520 SSD for highest reliability followed by Samsung 830, then there are others that are good and cost less OCZ vertex3 and Crucial M4.
    1 drive change of drive failure minimal 2 in raid 0 would double that chance.
  4. 320 bucks roughly to spend on 1
    but I have a lot of games and now I dont think a 120gb will do it hmm looking fora 240gb to a 160gb in a $320 price range lol
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