Is thermal past necesary for CPU

Is thermal past necesary for CPU and cooling system?
And if it necesary, can you sugest me what kind of thermal paste is good to use on i5 750 BOX?
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  1. yes, thermal past is absolutely necessary. Check out the pastes by Arctic Cooling or arctic silver.
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    Yes, thermal paste is absolutely necessary. Your stock HSF comes with thermal paste pre-applied. It's the gray patch on the bottom. If you still need thermal paste, I recommend MX-2.

    ARCTIC COOLING MX-2 Thermal Compound $9.98

    Edit: mi1ez beat me to it. That's pretty funny. Our first sentence is exactly the same. :lol:
  3. Thermal paste is very important. You CPU will most likely overheat and burn out if you don't apply it. Your i5's stock paste/heatsink is fine. If you want to over clock I suggest a paste such as AS5 or ASMX2. Noctua also has some pretty good thermal pastes in my opinion.
  4. And now, i don't understand.
    You say on i5 stock heatsink alredy have thermal paste, or? You mean on these three bold lines on the bottom of heatsink?
  5. Yes, those three lines are the thermal paste.
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