Win7 64bit - Avaliable RAM 4GB->2.75?


I have a question (and possibly a problem) about my memory. I am on Win7 64bit with 4GB DDR2. But the picture says otherwise. But it is not just that. I will tell everything.

First look at the picture from reliable software. And other softwares show the same thing so...

Now, when my computer boots up it nicely says 4GB DDR2 800MHz Dual Channel 128bit on the screen which means that my BIOS sees it all. And of course I know 32bit systems can't see more than 2.75RAM. But I have 64bit system.

In the "System" it says "Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00 GB so Windows also see it.
Resource Monitor FROM Win7 64bit says the same thing as this picture. Almost 1,5GB of RAM are not used by the Windows for some reason. I think that is bad and I don't like it. I want that 1.5GB.

Use Max Memory in msconfig is disabled. Nothing was done to memory (using some software to do anything). This is just the way Windows sees it.

Can anyone explain this picture and maybe if there is a problem, we can solve it.

PS. If you tell me that those 1.5GB are stolen for Windows needs then thread closed.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You need to read your graphic again. Look at the first three lines.

    Total Memory is 4GB.
    Used (by OS) is 1.37GB.
    Free (Available) is 2.63GB.

    Used + Free = Total
    1.37 + 2.63 = 4.00

    All the memory is being recognized and used.
  2. OMG. I didn't saw it because I just saw "Avaliable Memory" value. So I thought that that is all that is used.

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