Thinking of getting the XSPC Raysorm 750 RS240 kit (and maybe a raystorm GPU block)
However, will the rad take a 3570k @ 4.5ghz AND an HD6870 (stock), I've read the sticky and worked it out to be 300W (added about 30W to be on the safe side) couldn't find a review of the rad at different loads though.
If it won't I'll still get the kit but it'll save the extra cost of buying a pointless GPU block
(I know I keep saying I'm getting water cooling, I will eventually)
Thanks :)
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  1. For a Cpu/Gpu you want a 360 dude at least, and I'd go EX or RX, not Rs, the Rs240 will be fine for the cpu only at that level of clock, but definitely not with the card as well
    Glad to see you getting your water on mate :)
  2. Thanks, it's taken ages but eventually there'll be water running
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